C  Corporate Finance s.r.o.

Company introduction 

C Corporate Finance s.r.o. („CCF“)


Is an advisory company using long term and unique
experiences of its advisors collected in the corporate finance
sector. We are able to fulfill a broad range of advisory tasks.
We are focused on mid-market transactions and we put
emphasis on providing services of the highest quality, the
desired degree of individualization, creative advice and

Why choose CCF? 

As an independent advisory company CCF has large network
of international contacts. Our experiences derive from
realization of more than 130 different projects for Czech as
well as international clients.

Considering the international experience and ability to work
in combined transaction teams and contacts with other
consultants, we are ready to provide services outside the
territory of Czech and Slovak Republics. Our experience
gives us the basis to deliver creative, well thought-through
ideas and solutions.

Cross-border cooperation is an important part of our work and
provides us an extensive information base.

Selected clients:
start copy.png

C Corporate Finance is an advisor and an authorised analyst for START/Prague Stock Exchange.