M&A advisory 


M&A advisory (acquisition and disposal opportunities) is
the key of our corporate finance services. „Tailor-made
solutions“ is our motto in building close relationships with our
clients. We are fully engaged and available at all stages of a

CCF company offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in
buying and selling companies. After careful definition of the
strategy the transaction goes as follows:

  • Careful definition of client's objectives,

  • Transaction preparation for achieving the client's objectives;

  • Management of the entire process of the transaction;

  • Coordination and management of individual components of acquisitions, mergers and other restructuring processes.

We specialise in preparing the highest quality, client-focused, discrete advice for our clients.

Acquisitions advisory

CCF provides its advisory services to clients interested in acquisitions (purchases) of companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. CCF usually manages the entire transaction process, which includes the following activities:

  • Searching for potential targets;

  • Gathering basic information about potential targets and analysing it;

  • Transaction structuring and selection of the proper timing of the transaction steps;

  • Contacting owners and negotiating with them;

  • Organization of the legal and financial due diligence, including assistance in the selection of legal and financial advisors;

  • Assistance in the preparation of transaction documentation;

  • Assistance in the settlement of the transaction.



Disposal opportunities advisory represents a significant part of CCF projects. Based on the knowledge gained in implementing similar projects, CCF provides a unique mix of detailed information from the local environment combined with international standards.

CCF usually manages the entire transaction process, which includes the following services:

  • Analysis and valuation of the company;

  • Preparation of the information memorandum;

  • Identifcation of the potential investors and analysis of their interest;

  • Transaction structuring and selection of the proper timing of the transaction process;

  • Negotiations with potential investors;

  • Preparation of company presentations and arranging investor's visits;

  • Coordination and management of legal and other client's advisors;

  • Assistance settling the transaction.


Advisory on raising debt and equity capital

A significant part of our advisory services is raising new capital either for company expansion or acquisitions funding.


Types of funding:

  • Dept capital funding (bank debt, bonds);

  • Equity capital funding (private equity, entering the capital market).


We are able to propose appropriate strategies in accordance with the client's objectives and to prepare the functional funding structure.


Company valuation

Market valuation is an important part o M&A advisory - estimating buying and selling prices of the company or its assets.

  • Valuations for internal purposes (shareholder's needs, financial reporting);

  • Regular updating of the company value for the optimal choice strategic decisions;

  • Standard valuation methods : discounted cash flow, peer group methods (method corresponds to the purpose of the valuation and the specific natire of the valuation subject).

  • Valuation for:

    • Acquisitions and divestitures of companies;​

    • Withdrawal of partner from a partnership;

    • IPO - entering the stock market;

    • Determination of exchange ratios (mergers). 

Value creation advisory

Valuation is an important support for strategic decisions of the management and company owners. CCF is ready to support its clients in the following situations:

  • Protection and value growth of the client's property,

  • Restoring or enhancing a long-term company growth;

  • Proposals of new strategic plans or change of the current company strategy;

  • Consideration of family values and preservation of the long term future of family companies.

  • Assistance and advisory services in:

    • Successorship;​

    • Creation of the company value;

    • Identifying business risks;

    • Setting the motivation and remuneration system;

    • Corporate Governance.